All you need is loaf

Hello world!  Thanks for happening upon my humble loaf blog.

I created this blog to celebrate the onset of Fall baking season.  I spent a sweltering summer in my New York City apartment sans air conditioning, warranting an absolute ban on oven use for as long as the air temperature remained above 80 degrees.  So with the first break in humidity and the onset of jacket weather, I started dreaming of baked goods.

A visit to my grandma’s in August (in a thankfully overly-air-conditioned Florida house) provided inspiration.  For every visit to grandma’s house for as long as I can remember, she has always had a pound cake ready and waiting for weary travelers.  There’s something very 50s-housewife about having a cake ready to come home to at the end of a long day.  The comfort of this buttery crumbly cake followed me back to New York, where I reinstated my oven for the colder months, christening it with my first loaf – pound cake (recipe coming soon!).

Keep checking back every weekend to loaf-a-long with me as I provide my takes on cakes, loaves, and quick breads.  Happy baking!