Alexis’s blueberry pie bars

I took the weekend off from loafing and hosted a birthday brunch. I still technically baked – this yummy spinach and cheese strata from none other than Smitten Kitchen – but I entrusted the sweets and carbs category to friends. I’m really glad I did, because my friend Alexis made these blueberry pie bars to die for.

Blueberry crumb bars with lemon-rosemary crust

I forced her asked her politely to share the recipe. It’s from une gamine dans la cuisine, an unknown blog to me until now. She adapts her recipe from (none other than) Smitten Kitchen, and adds rosemary to the crust for a nice herby compliment to the lemon and blueberry flavors. If rosemary freaks you out (or your rosemary plant dries up on you, dagnabbit!), you can easily skip it. But I encourage you to give it a try!

You can find the recipe here:

Fresh blueberry crumb bars with lemon-rosemary crust

Another yummy result of my brunch was a lovely gift of The Bread Bible from my friend Bethany. This shall promptly be put to use! I’ll look to it to help me expand my loaf repertoire into more yeasty breads (which will make the boyfriend happy as well). I also received a gift card to Sur la Table… let’s get baking, y’all! (As soon as I beat my nasty cold.)

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